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Gloss White Vinyl Rolls | Oracal 651 Indoor/Outdoor Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

Gloss White Vinyl Rolls | Oracal 651 Indoor/Outdoor Permanent Adhesive Vinyl


ORACAL 651 Intermediate Adhesive Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl - Gloss Finish - 010 Gloss White - 12" and 24" rolls

This White Outdoor (or Indoor) application permanent adhesive vinyl is the most popular (and recommended) choice for store front window decals, car window decals or any glass application as it shows up much better than other colors when used on glass.

The adhesive on this vinyl is used for permanent applications so it is appropriate for outdoor and longer term use however it can still be removed. Simply peel away the vinyl and use a cleanser such as Goo Gone or simply rubbing alcohol. 

This vinyl material is exactly what professional sign manufacturers and professional crafters use for more permanent adhesive projects. It is ideal in that it has a 3-5 year outdoor lifespan while still being affordable. This vinyl material has a beautiful gloss (shiny) finish for both indoor and outdoor applications. If you own a Cricut, Silhouette or any other vinyl cutting machine, this should be a color you have in stock for all those late night, last minute crafting ideas! 

Oracal 651 series vinyl works beautifully on permanent indoor applications as well as outdoor applications such as windows, doors, signs, mailboxes, car windows or doors, glass, boats, kayaks, helmets, plastic, mirrors, or just about any smooth indoor or outdoor surface.

Please allow an extra few business days for larger rolls to be shipped. 



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