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Oracal 631 Matte Green 063 12 and 24 inch Sheets

Matte Green Craft Vinyl | Oracal 631 Removable Wall Vinyl | Cricut & Silhouette Sheets


ORACAL 631 Removable Adhesive Craft Vinyl - Beautiful Green Matte Finish Color Options - Cricut & Silhouette Cutter Sheets

Oracal 631 Vinyl offers a wide assortment of green vinyl colors with a matte finish. These green vinyl colors will appear as if they are painted on your walls and other craft project surfaces.   

Oracal 631 offers a wide selection of green vinyl colors from the lightest pastels and Christmas greens to the classic forest green. Oracal has also introduced some popular green vinyl hues that work beautifully with traditional and modern home decor trends.



Picture above shows #494 celadon green vinyl used on a beautiful Irish Blessing Wall decal for Saint Patrick's Day. Courtesy of Oracal 631 series vinyl works beautifully on walls, windows, doors, furniture, pallets, signs, glass, plastic, mirrors, or just about any smooth indoor dry surface.


We strongly recommended the Oracal HT55 application tape for use with Oracal 631. Using any medium tack application tape is strongly discouraged as it is not recommended for matte finish materials. You can find Oracal HT55 sold in our Vinyl Tape Collection.


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